You can order your child a bagel for each Monday of that month for lunch.  We are offering bagels from MY THREE SONS BAGEL CAFE in Garden City. Bagels will be delivered individually wrapped. For nutritional information, please contact My Three Sons Bagel Café. In order to participate, you must order bagels online for September - January.  In the middle of January orders for February - June will be available.  Purchasing through the school office is not available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order a different flavor bagel?

A: No, only plain bagels are offered.

Q: What fillings are offered?

A: Bagels are offered three different ways: 1) plain, 2) with butter and 3) with cream cheese.

Q: Can I order a different filling than those listed in the Bagel Monday Order Form for my child's bagel?

A: No, only the choices specified above are available.

Q: Can I try it for a week to see if I like it?

A: No, the only option is to try it for the month of September.

Bagel Mondays

Want to ease into the school week without having to make lunch on Mondays? We have something that can help: Bagel Mondays!

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