Lunch Duty Information

Lunch Duty is an important responsibility for parent volunteers.

Being a Lunch Duty Volunteer helps our teachers organize and deliver purchased water, snack and lunch items to the students. Our parent volunteers allow the children more time to eat their lunch than they would have if the teachers were to cover the cafeteria alone.

Lunch Duty Routine:

  • Arrive at 11:00am (11:15 am on Fridays)

  • Pick up the snack and coupon box at the office

  • Pull the milk & water and put them in the appropriate plastic bins, load them onto the cart, push them into

          the lunchroom. Please initial the water bottles

  • Bake the hot pretzels

  • Pull the snacks ordered and put them on the trays (only for the first lunch period, grades K-3)

  • Take coupons from kids and distribute snacks from the window

  • On Monday, distribute bagels

  • On Wednesday, distribute pizza slices

  • Clean trays, wipe counters, wipe out milk bags and put away

  • Turn off lights and turn in coupons to office (approximately 12:45pm)

The lunch duty schedule will be emailed monthly and weekly reminders will be sent. Understandably, conflicts may arise on a day that you are scheduled for lunch duty. If this happens, please arrange for another lunch volunteer to cover your shift. Please be certain of your availability before signing up as the schedule is based on the volunteer's stated preference. "No Shows" cause a tremendous burden on the teachers and administrative staff, as well as increasing the children's wait time for lunch.

To volunteer for lunch duty, please click HERE. For more information on lunch duty,

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