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Lunch Offerings

Three times a week, students can purchase lunch that is served in the cafeteria (or classroom for the younger children).

Bagel Mondays

Students in PK-8 can choose from a plain bagel, plain bagel with cream cheese or a plain bagel with butter.  We are

offering bagels from MY THREE SONS BAGEL CAFE in Garden City. Bagels will be delivered individually wrapped. For

nutritional information, please contact My Three Sons Bagel Café.

Bagels cost $1.80 each and must be ordered and purchased through the SJS PTA Website ONLY in the following time

periods: September - January, and February - June.  To order, clickHERE!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I order a different flavor bagel?
A: No, only plain bagels are offered.

Q: Can I order a different filling than those listed above?
A: No, only the choices specified above are available.

Q: Can I try it for a week to see if I like it?
A: No, the only option is to try it for the month of September.

Hot Lunch Tuesdays
Students in PK-8 can pre-purchase hot lunch from Spaghetinni.   

Pizza Wednesdays

Students in PK-8 can purchase cheese pizza by the slice.  The cost of one slice of pizza is one pizza coupon.  No cash

is accepted in the cafeteria.

Pizza coupons - $20 per sheet (1 sheet = 10 coupons) - NOTE: previously purchased pizza coupons are still valid and

will be accepted in the lunchroom. (Snack Coupons can not be used for pizza.)

Coupons will be sent home ONLY on TUESDAYS. 

There are two ways to order your coupons:

  • Online -PURCHASE NOW!Please note orders MUST be placed by Sunday 8 pm to make the Tuesday delivery. 

          There will be no exceptions.

  • Purchase through the school office - Please send money and a note as to what sheets you would like with your child. Make checks payable to St. Joseph School PTA in an envelope marked School Office - Pizza/snack Coupons. Please note all coupons will be sent home on Tuesdays!!

Hot Lunch Thursdays
Students in PK-8 can pre-purchase chicken fingers on Thursdays from Spaghetinni. A small container of apple sauce is given with the chicken.